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Q: Is iWireless the name of your company, or the carrier?
A: iWireless LLC is just the name of our company and storefront. We are an authorized dealer for America's 2 biggest cell phone carriers.  We can also get you going with DirecTV and Century Link.

Q: Why is my data (internet) or my text messages not working? 
A: If your data or text messages are not working, the most likely cause is that you've used up all your high speed data allotment.  To remedy this, just make another monthly payment online, and TEXT or EMAIL us (no phone calls, please) to do an "Early Renewal."  (This process can take 24 business hours to complete, and will start a new monthly cycle for you).

Q: Do I have to add an extra data plan?
A: No! Most smartphones these days come with free WiFi built in. So you can access free WiFi anywhere just like you would on your laptop, tablet, or iPod Touch. On the flip side, a data plan gives you Internet access wherever you're getting a signal from the cell towers. But the data plan through us is already included in the price. So you can save $30 a month or more by not having to add an extra data plan!

Q: How do I check my plan's expiration or balances? 
A:   If you already have a cell plan with us at iWireless LLC, you can check your plan's expiration and/or balances anytime you wish. Here are a couple tips:  For the "Red" "V" carrier, save one of the alert text messages you get from the carrier. Then reply to that text with the word BAL and click "Send" -- the carrier should reply with an auto-text with plan details. For the "Blue" "A" carrier, go to your phone's dial pad like you are going to call someone. Then dial *777# and click "Call" -- your screen should then show your expiration date. 

Q: Do you only do iPhones?
A: Heck No!  We can get also you activated and rolling with a plan for Android phones, Windows phones, and flip phones, too, and pretty much any other phone that uses a SIM card (GSM technology) or is CDMA.  With GSM phones, your actual "plan" isn't tied to a specific phone... It's tied to the SIM card that's inserted in the phone.  See our Other Phones.

Q: Will a smartphone teleport me through space and time?
A: Not quite yet.
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