FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Q:  If I'm having problems with my cell phone, will turning it off and on really help?
A:  Yes. Completely turning off and on your phone often helps with a surprising number of issues  :)
If a customer is having problems, one of the first questions from a customer service cell rep will usually be, "Has the customer turned off and on their phone recently?"  Completely turning off and on your phone is also called "power cycling."  When a new monthly cycle starts, it's especially a good idea to power cycle your phone.  Like with many electronics, turning off and on your device is one of the first places to start if you're experiencing hiccups!

Q:  What is the bill payment processing time-frame? 
A:   Payments received on weekdays before 5:30pm Mountain Time will normally be applied within about 2-3 business hours. Payments received outside of business hours (including weekends, holidays, and weekdays after 5:30pm) will be applied within 24 business hours. Please bill pay at least a day or more before expiration to help avoid a possible delay in service. You can always bill pay ahead of time (by days, weeks, etc) and you will not lose any days of service. Please don't wait till the last minute on the last day to bill pay  :)

Q: Why is my data (internet), or my text messages, or picture messages not working? 
A:  If your data, or text messages, or picture messages are not working, the most likely cause is that you've used up all your high speed data allotment. Each monthly plan has a limited amount of high speed data... Once this limit is reached, then internet, picture messaging, or apps might not work. 
To remedy this, just make another monthly payment online, and TEXT or EMAIL us (no phone calls, please) to do an "Early Renewal."  (This process can take 24 business hours to complete, and will start a new monthly cycle for you).

Q:  How do I check my plan's expiration or balances/usage? 
- For the "Red" "V" carrier, you text the word BAL to the number:  44054  ... the carrier should reply with an auto-text with plan details. 
- For the "Blue" "A" carrier, go to your phone's dial pad like you are going to call someone. Then dial *777# and click "Call" ... your screen should then show your expiration date.  

Q:  My account is current, but my phone is having an issue or won't pick up a signal... Any tips or suggestions?
A:  You can try this trick (you might also try this if you're traveling and your phone is bouncing off various network towers) ...
1) Turn on Airplane Mode on your phone.  
2) Turn your phone completely off.  
3) Take out the SIM card.  
4) Leave the phone and SIM card alone for five minutes.  
5) Put the SIM card back into the phone.  
6) Turn the phone back on.  
7) Turn off Airplane Mode.  
8) Wait a minute or two to grab a signal, and try making an outgoing call. 

Q:  Can I get set up with auto-payments?
A:  Yes!  Please contact us during open hours, and we'd be happy to get you set up on auto-pay for your monthly plan. 

Q:  Is iWireless the name of your company, or the carrier?
A:  iWireless LLC is just the name of our company and store. We are an authorized dealer for America's 2 biggest cell phone carriers.  

Q: Do you only do iPhones?
A:  Heck No!  We can get also you activated and rolling with a plan for Android phones, Windows phones, and flip phones, too, and pretty much any other cell phone out there.  See our Other Phones.

Q:  Will a smartphone teleport me through space and time?
A:  Not quite yet.
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In the meantime, though, drink some orange juice. Have some toast. Give us a call. We'll help you with anything you need.
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