PayPal Payment: Submitted Successfully.

- Thank you for your payment! Please note: you have successfully paid PayPal, but your recharge payment still needs to be applied to your cell plan(s).

- Please Note: the recharge payment is not automated -- recharge payments will be applied within 24 business hours after purchase: During business hours, the plan will normally be loaded or applied within a couple hours, but it may also take more than two hours to apply. Outside of business hours (especially weekends or holidays), plans may take 24 business hours to apply.

- Ignore any "shipping" date. Nothing will be physically shipped to you.  "Shipping" is just the default wording that PayPal might use.

- You have simply purchased a refill (code, recharge, PIN, card, top-off, top-up) that will be applied to your cell plan for you. 

- Once your recharge payment has been applied, you will get a separate confirmation email from PayPal.

- Please note: if your current plan has not yet reached its expiration date, this new refill payment will be “stacked” in reserve and will be loaded automatically at the expiration date (unless you tell us to load it sooner, by texting or emailing us).  

- Remember, too, that you can always pay before your actual due date... You don’t have to wait till the due date to pay, and you won’t lose any days if you pay early.  By paying at least a day or more early, you can help avoid a possible delay in service. 

- Also, if you are experiencing any phone issues or have changed rate plans, you might need to turn off/on the phone to reset systems and your data setting might need to be manually reset. 

Thank you! 
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